The Twilight story, from movie to Reality

The journey of this very inspirational love story is one of the millions of other beautiful love stories we can share. This time, the biggest power of love from two ordinary people proves their love ability can change everything, the bond of love that exists between the two continents, of course, full of the various obstacles they go through.

Like the story of Twilight (Novel), very familiar certainly to this romantic story. Twilight is a romance novel by Stephenie Meyer that tells about the relationship between vampires and humans. This novel has been adapted in the form of a movie with the same title. The novel tells of Bella Swan a girl from Arizona who moved to Forks to live with her father, Charlie Swan. Bella starts to recognize Edward Cullen on her first day of school, but there is no warm welcome given by Edward to Bella. Bella finally finds out that Edward is a vegetarian vampire, they do not prey on humans but prey on animals. Edward and Bella start to open each other and eventually they fall in love. Their relationship is full of matters because they have so many different nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, and faith.

Sumon a.k.a. Edward (from Narail, Bangladesh) and Chen Xue a.k.a. Bella (from Beijing, China), first met in Istanbul, Turkey on July 20, 2015. They are committed to a bond of love from October 7, 2015 to the present. Edward and Bella decided to use Egha Makeup services by taking the Completed Fullday Prewedding Package with Romantic Captured with Shades of Nature. Prewedding on May 4, 2018 (yesterday) was enhanced by professional MUA, attire and photography from Egha Makeup Team from afternoon to evening at Egha Makeup Gallery, Ciomas, Bogor (indoor) and at Bunder Mountain, Bedeng, Bogor (outdoor). Edward who is a Muslim and Bella who is now also a Muslim (convert/“mualaf”), proved to the world that the power of love is able to overcome everything, including the differences in faith that have existed among them. Very similar to Twilight story, Sumon a.k.a. Edward and Chen Xue a.k.a. Bella decided to get married in the near future, after Eid.

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