7 Things Clients Want in Weddings

Wedding Organizer (WO) or Wedding Planner, is a “director” that plays an important role in realizing the dream of the bride and groom to succeed the wedding. This professional role needs to be done wholeheartedly and fulfill this requirement.
Here is a summary of a senior wedding entrepreneur who has been leading WO for more than 10 years sharing seven things to consider in running a professional WO business.

1. Have Empathy.

WO need to have empathy towards others. Understand the needs of various parties well. Especially the bride and groom. This empathy character must be owned by everyone who acts as WO. Because the working principle of service business is to provide service to others. Without empathy, the services provided do not touch the real needs of a wedding party.

2. Well organized

WO need to organize things in the wedding. In order for all plans to run perfectly, it takes people who are organized, not forgetful, and certainly have an organized character. However, no perfect human is not it? Therefore, you need to recognize and improve yourself if you feel not 100% have all the characters before. For example, if sometimes still likes to forget, more diligent is recorded to re-remind you. Fix your weakness, do not back down because of lack of self.

3. Wise.

WO need to objectively see the problems or conflicts that occur on the part of the family when preparing the wedding. WO must bridge at least three parties. “WO should bridge the family with vendors, families with the committee, and between families of bride and groom. WO should be smart to keep secrets, let alone concerning the personal life of the family of the bride who served it “.

4. Able to work together.

WO does not work alone to realize the dream of a special wedding party. WO must have cooperative personal qualities, able to work together in teams. Because many parties involved, both vendors and the family of the bride and groom.

5. Have heart serve.

WO works with heart and principle of serving. Handles a wedding party of a relative or friend, in contrast to a professional job. When handling clients, make sure you are ready to serve, including listening to the various complaints of the bride and groom couple.

6. English proficiency.

WO basically have to equip themselves with various skills, including language. English should be mastered, not because you are targeting international clients for example. Yet many terms in wedding planning require your understanding and skills in foreign languages, especially English. Willingness to continue learning becomes the key.

7. Basic knowledge in general and special.

WO works on the basis of professionalism. In any job, you must equip yourself with knowledge. That way, you understand the ins and outs of the job and be able to live it more leverage. Learning the wedding, and basic knowledge about marriage and its industry, is important for WO activists. You can learn directly from vendors who often work with WO, like what kind of floral decoration for a good auction, photography, and more.

Hopefully this information can be useful, and good luck to you who run business in the marriage sector.

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