3 Main Things and the Top 3 in Wedding Party Preparation

There are so many people who are confused when it comes to making decisions about getting married and organizing weddings, anything to think about and be prepared for. In this sharing, we summarized there are 3 main things and the first 3 major needs to be prepared at the ideal wedding event.

1. Specify the Place (venue), Date and Time

The FIRST thing is make sure the date and time of your wedding party, and where are the venue. Before setting up the RAB (Budget Plan) and selecting the vendors involved, do not miss this most important thing, because the date, time and place will greatly affect your action in the next step of preparation. And do not forget to coordinate the office of religious affairs for the legality of your event.

2. Preparing the Budget Plan (RAB)

SECOND thing, once you have specified and confirmed the venue, date, and time of wedding, then you can begin to compile the overall budget plan needs. Some clients sometimes require the services of certain wedding planners to assist in the preparation of the wedding budget plan. Before you decide to use the services of wedding planner, make sure the track record first, but at least you have made an estimate of the overall cost to the right target and in accordance with your needs. (For example: I prepare a budget of 200 million for the entire wedding needs)

3. Choosing the Best Vendor, starting from the first 3 major: (1) Makeup & Dress; (2) Decorations; (3) Documentation

THIRD the last, based on the experience sharing of several brides and survey results from several sources, it turns out 3 important things for you to first count towards the choice of wedding vendors include: (1) makeup and dress; (2) decoration; and last (3) photo & video (documentation). Of course, the first three things that can be considered we can prove after the wedding is held, the output of the wedding party is a Wedding Album.

For those of you who have been married, most definitely have Wedding Album is not it? Please reopen your Wedding Album! And for those of you who have never been married, please pay attention to Wedding Albums of married people! If you agree with the first 3 things to be considered which should be the best choice at the wedding, you can see in the Wedding Album, because only 3 things that the quality looks very clear and will last long and can be enjoyed by everyone: (1) Perfection of Makeup and Dress; (2) The beauty of decoration from all sides; (3) The collection of skillful documentation angle and the results of editing & photo printing as well as video recording is amazing until the packaging as a whole.

The consequence is the best vendor must have a high price, right? The answer is relative, but if you have a budget that is not too large, it is advisable still able to optimize the 3 main things. While for those of you who have an excess budget, it is recommended not only the best 3 major, but also catering, music entertainment and sound system, MC, WO team, invitation cards, souvenirs, and so on are also the best. Ensure you can have the best wedding party and have an unforgettable happiness of all time, if you are wise in choosing all the best vendors in your wedding.

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